Stéphane Labelle – Chair of the WinDoor Committee

It is with great pride, on behalf of the entire committee, that I address to you today. As you probably know, after a great success in Montreal last year, WinDoor is back in Toronto. But don’t go and think that WinDoor returns to his old habits! New location, new exhibitors and several networking activities will be available for you on November 28-30 at the Toronto International Center.

I especially would like to invite you to the first “Wednesday Night Main Event” presented November 29, which will be a golden opportunity for you to continue to grow business in a very different atmosphere. Tickets are selling very quickly and as quantities are limited it is important to act now to secure your spot. Last year we unfortunately had to limit the admission and some of you did not get in. We have every reason to believe that we will have to do it again this year, so please book as soon as possible!

For those who have not yet reserve their booth space, there are still a few places available, but I would like to invite you once again to confirm your presence.

On a different note, I would also like to thank the people who attended our meeting at the AGM in Halifax. We have taken note of your suggestions and we make it a point to deliver an exciting event that surpasses your expectations. It is always nice to see the growing number of interested and involved people in our association.

Thank you again for last year and I hope to see you again in Toronto in November!